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Welcome to Austin Food Works

We’ve incorporated the best dishes of the multi culti food scene from the deep south of the United States. All in a relaxed country style atmosphere.

A true food experience, open for lunch, brunch and dinner.


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Come n’ join us for lunch, dinner or why not a tasty cocktail!

See y’all at Austin!

The smell of old wooden planks, hickory smoke, tender meat, Mexican flavors… That’s what hits you when you walk thru our doors.

Tacos and Mexican dishes served the way it was meant to be. Our barbeque meats are straight from our smoker, moist, tender and smokey. Artisan maple bacon, the crispiest fried chicken. Mac'n cheese of your dreams. Enjoy in a relaxed country style atmosphere. Friendly service and perfect drinks.

It's all here.

Austin's Vintage Underground Garden


A central Stockholm basement transformed, plants coming up through the floor, nineteen fifties vintage design, hard industrial with a soft country style touch.

A setting with endless opportunities!
Brunch, After Work/ Cocktails, Dinner, Bourbon/Tequila tastings, or why not create your own event?
We got the venue, the staff, the food, drinks and kickin’ music. We’re just waiting for you to bring the people and turn it into a full blown party!

Chambre Separée "Texas Style"

Host your event in the Texas sun
Dinner: 20-45p
AW/Cocktailparty: 20-75p

For prices & more info email us at


The Austin Food Works team shares a passion for food. Not just any food, but American everyday home style cooking. Our extensive travels through the south has shaped our vision of this establishment.



Address: Norrtullsgatan 24, 113 45 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 32 07 04

Mon: Lunch 11:00-14:00 17:00–22:00
Tues: Lunch 11:00-14:00 17:00–22:00
Wed: Lunch 11:00-14:00 17:00–23:00
Thur: Lunch 11:00-14:00 17:00–23:00
Fri: Lunch 11:00-14:00 16:30–00:00
Sat: 16:30–00:00
The bar serves y'all liquid pleasure: Mon n' Tue 17:00-22. Wed n' Thu 17:00-23 Fri 17:00-00. Sat 16.30-00